Monday, 4 February 2013


20  years on would The Sun be able to write their infamous Hillsborough headline?   In an era of Twitter, Facebook, instant digital photos and blogs is there a future for the published media in a role reporting daily  news?   Post  Leverson are we on the verge of  observing the extinction of the tabloid and broadsheet?   In an era of broadband and tablet are we entering a new age of news?    What  does all this mean for democracy and who can we trust  to tell us the truth  about tomorrow's news?

This discussion group is being led by WEA volunteer Nev Bann who prior to retirement taught sociology in environments ranging from prison to community colleges, has extensive experience of union activity, served as a city councilor and stood for parliament. 
The event is held at the WEA  offices at  the Cotton Exchange in Liverpool,

March 6th  6 -  8  pm    .  To book visit

Help shape the event by  commenting below.    Can't make it but  would like to?   Get  in touch and we will see what  we can do.



  1. That sounds awesome. How about making it into a webinar for those of us not in Liverpool, with a # we can tweet?

  2. Thanks Tim, great to get some response. I have looked before at Webinar for other events and not quite pulled it off. I agree that it would be excellent to offer this facility. Ill try again for this event and keep you posted.