Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Can't Attend  'What's the Point of Newspapers
but  would like to!

Don't worry  because we are  broadcasting the event live on our website.    All you  have to do is visit this page on our website at 6pm on Wednesday  the 6th of March and watch the event.   The coverage of the event will appear in the  box which  presently  has the WEA logo in it.  


If you  want to say  hi (we hope you  will) and ask questions or pass comments you  can do that  using the chart  room  facility.   In the 'connect  to freenode box'  enter  a nickname where prompted and identify  the scrambled characters (to prove your a human!) and you  will get  access to the chat  room when one of us will converse with you as the event proceeds

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

.........Fair Trade

More consumers want to be "ethical shoppers", to feel that the products and services they use don´t involve exploitation. This has led to a growth in "fair trade" but.........
  • How "fair" is fair trade ? 
  • How do we measure if something has been produced "fairly". 
Michael Hindley  who recently  wrote a report  for the UN on 'Fair Trade' leads this interesting discussion on the 10th  of April at  Blackburn Central Library, 5.30  till 7.30.   Michael was a Member of the European Parliament and specialised in Europe´s trade.

Help shape this discussion by  commenting below and book your place at www.wtpofairtradebb.eventbrite.co.uk

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

.......The European Union

The Government has promised a referendum on Europe. 
  • But what are the real issues for ordinary people ? 
  • How relevant is Europe to us today ?  
The world has changed drastically since we entered the EU in the 1970s, the Cold War has ended and we are told that we are in an age of globalisation. 

On  February  the 27th  between 6 and 8  pm in the  Abram Room, Blackburn Central Library  Michael Hindley, former District Council Leader and was MEP for Lancashire East from 1984 to 1999 will help us explore the issues.
to book your place visit  www.wtpoeu.eventbrite.co.uk

Monday, 4 February 2013


20  years on would The Sun be able to write their infamous Hillsborough headline?   In an era of Twitter, Facebook, instant digital photos and blogs is there a future for the published media in a role reporting daily  news?   Post  Leverson are we on the verge of  observing the extinction of the tabloid and broadsheet?   In an era of broadband and tablet are we entering a new age of news?    What  does all this mean for democracy and who can we trust  to tell us the truth  about tomorrow's news?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

.... Social Housing


Social housing is facing financial and ideological issues more challenging than at any time in its history.
Has the narrative of ghettos of idleness and antisocial behavior won over that of homes for the decent working class ?
Can an atomised and individualist society be compatible with community building?

In order to have a new vision for the future we might need a new vision of the past.

Come and discuss the issues with David Dennehy, WEA Regional Committee Member and Tennant Director of a Housing Association.   

March  6th ,  5.30 – 7.30 at  City  South Manchester Housing Trust, Archway 5, Hulme,  Manchester, M15 5RL      

To book visit

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WTPO Barack Obama

Come and discuss what you think of President Obama


On 21st January 2013 President Obama will begin his second term as President

So what has he achieved

  • Some say he is a communist and that he wants to establish a Marxist dictatorship
  • Some say he is not a true citizen of the USA and that he is a secret Muslim
  • Some say he sides with those who attack the USA (siding with Libyan attackers in Benghazi)


What’s The Point Of….  are a series of talks and discussion groups being set  up and run by, and for, the members and volunteers of The Workers Education Association  in the North West  of England.   To be honest we don’t check whether people are members and volunteers but we would like to encourage people to join.