Wednesday, 16 January 2013


What’s The Point Of….  are a series of talks and discussion groups being set  up and run by, and for, the members and volunteers of The Workers Education Association  in the North West  of England.   To be honest we don’t check whether people are members and volunteers but we would like to encourage people to join.
As long as you share our values (hyperlink) and believe in the value and importance of lifelong learning you are welcome to join.

The idea -   we want to provide a free series of stimulating events.   The events will be engaging and interactive, challenging and but informal.   We would love for people to leave the events fired up to learn more, keep in touch, attend more events, comment on this blog etc….

Some of the talks and discussions will be characte
rised by the posting of a blog on this site ahead of the event.   We hope that this will stimulate people thinking about the issues and starting a dialogue which hopefully people will continue after the event.

So far …. We have offered events on WTPO Newspaper and WTPO Adult Education  and WTPO philosophy.

To Come …..

  1. Jan 30th 6 till 8. Venue Abram Room, Blackburn central Library  What’s the point of the European Union?  click here to book
  2. Feb 6th 10.30 – 12.30 What’s The Point of Barack Obama, WEA Office Liverpool,  click here to book
  3. March 6th  6 -  8  pm    What’s the Point of Newspapers? -    WEA Office Liverpool ,  click here to book
  4. March  6th 2013,  5.30 – 7.30 at  City  South Manchester Housing Trust, Archway 5, Hulme,  Manchester, M15 5RL  What’s the point of Social Housing?  Led by David Dennehy WEA member and volunteer.   David is also a tenant Click here to book
  5. April 10th 5.30 till 7.30.   Venue  Abram Room, Blackburn central Library  What’s the point of the Fair Trade?   Click here to book
If you have any comments, ideas for events, offers to host or facilitate an event please let me know you can do this by commenting below or contacting me

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